Low Blue Light

Low Blue Light Clip-On Sleep Glasses, Small


Low Blue Light, Clip-On Sleep Glasses, Small

LowBlue’s 100% blue light-blocking Sleep Glasses block all harmful blue light.  Studies have proven blue light at night (LAN) is detrimental to quality sleep patterns and harmful to your health.  Sleep Glasses worn in the hours before retiring maximizes your organic melatonin production to improve sleep and health.
Their 100% blue-free eyewear also improves screen contrast & clarity, prevents eye strain and eliminates harmful blue light linked to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) making these the perfect choice for your next pair of Computer Glasses.

•Lightweight, flip-up style, Clip-on Computer Glasses

•100% blue-blocking eyewear including all UV light

•Reduces FryEye & digital eyestrain; increased viewing contrast


•Easy push-button mechanism opens padded clip

In stock

Includes soft shell sleeve case


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