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Watching your restless child toss like a tiny boat in rough seas, you’d give anything to bring on the calm. These sleepless nights are heartbreaking as much as they are exhausting – for both of you. But even the youngest human body has the ability to re-establish balance and health – including rejuvenating sleep patterns. The trick to achieving this balance lies in your ability to provide safe relief that targets the causes that keep kids up at night. Hyland’s created Calm ‘n Restful 4 Kids™ for just this reason.

  • 125 quick-dissolving tablets, easy to administer

  • Formulated for children ages 2 and up

  • No side effects

  • Can be used with other medications without contraindications or drug interactions

  • Aspirin- and acetaminophen-free

  • Addresses other causes that can inhibit children from sleeping well, including night terrors, growing pains, and sleeplessness from vacation travel.

  • Useful for irritability and wakefulness

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Aconitum Nap. 6X HPUS – for physical & mental restlessness

Calc. Phos. 12X HPUS – for pains in joints & bones, peevishness

Chamomilla 6X HPUS – for irritability, restlessness, sleeplessness

Cina 6X HPUS – for nightmares, irritability of temper

Lycopodium 6X HPUS – for lack of focus, extreme sensitivity

Nat. Mur. 6X HPUS – for irritability, crying, oversensitivity

Pulsatilla 6X HPUS – for causeless crying, sleeplessness from travel

Sulphur 6X HPUS – for irritability, peevishness



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