Genesis Tallow

Genesis Tallow Balm Forest 118ml


Genesis Tallow Balm Forest 118ml

What Is Tallow?

Tallow is derived from rendered animal fat.

We understand that at first the thought of putting fat on your skin can seem peculiar, but the shocking truth is that it’s something our ancestors have used for centuries!

It has a saturated fat ratio that is identical to our own skin cells, meaning it promotes healing to damaged skin.

Genesis Tallow uses grass fed/finished beef suet that is packed with vitamins and nutrients making it a complete skin miracle worker.

Get grounded with Forest Tallow Balm. It is handcrafted with cedarwood, pine and orange essential oils to give it a subtle woodsy aroma.

Ingredients: Grass Fed/Finished Beef Tallow (no hormones or antibiotics), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cedarwood, pine and orange.

To Use: Apply a pea sized amount to your finger tip. Massage into your hands and apply to desired area. Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way! You will feel the tallow balm instantly melt into your skin. Store in a room temp or cool room. Tallow is an oil product and will melt if heated. If it liquifies no worries! Just pop it in the fridge and it will be good as new.



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