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Lighting Science Sleepy Baby LED Light Bulbs


An LED light that can help your baby sleep?  No, you’re not dreaming!

Lighting Science’s Sleepy Baby® LED P15 Nursery Lamp was designed with their proprietary technology to minimize light that would disturb your infant’s sleep. Sleepy Baby can be used at night whenever you need the lighting on to care for your little one. The custom engineered LED spectrum helps babies to develop a natural circadian rhythm, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and fall back asleep quicker if awoken in the middle of the night.

  • Start Your Baby Out Right: Supports your baby to develop healthy sleep-wake patterns right from the start
  • Patented Technology to Encourage Healthy Natural Sleep: Proprietary light spectrum technology minimizes the types of light energy known to cause sleep disruption
  • High Quality Light At Night: In addition to supporting sleep, the Sleepy Baby light provides comfortable, warm light with high color rendering
  • Standard E26 Base: Fits most nursery/household lamps

For Best Results: Use the Sleepy Baby® LED lamps for any illumination in the evening, especially before going to bed and during standard bedtime routines. Please turn off Sleepy Baby® before going to sleep, as the best sleep is always attained in a dark, cool room. Sleepy Baby® should be used if light is required during any nighttime activities, such as changings or feedings.

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275 lumens


120 volts


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