Low Blue Light

LowBlue Night Light


Low-blue Night Light Combination. This candelabra (E12) screw base bulb and candelabra (E12) screw base fixture are sold together and are designed for 120V outlets most commonly used in USA and CANADA. The 0.5 watt bulb contains 6 LEDs and is an economical low power/no heat replacement for standard incandescent night light bulbs. The bulb produces light in the AMBER area of the spectrum with a peak at 589nm, a part of the spectrum well removed from the blue region responsible for melatonin suppression. The Night Light Combination is recommended for background lighting in rooms for individuals who must get up during the night. It is also suitable for bedrooms where children may be afraid to sleep in the dark. However, sleeping in total darkness is still recommended. Ideal for baby’s nursery!

This bulb will not work in automatic ON/OFF night light fixtures. DO NOT use dimmers with 120V LED bulbs as some dimmers may cause these to fail.


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