Low Blue Light

12-LED Gooseneck USB LowBlue Light

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Low Blue Light lights are formulated to exclude the blue light spectrum, responsible for waking us up in the morning.  Without exposure to blue light the body can produce hormones responsible for restful sleep, thus better regulate a normal circadian rhythm! LowBlue products are great for use once the sun has set in the evenings to better prepare the body for sleep.

This versatile light can be used on any device with a USB port or with a standard 5-volt adaptor (not included) that accepts a USB cable.  This efficient 12-LED light features a unique touch dimming switch that allows the user to easily adjust the brightness to his/her’s preference.  This lamp is also an excellent nighttime light source for use in the bathroom, nursery, kitchen, hallway and any other location in the home where an AC outlet is available.  Great for travelers with its compact size and ability to lay flat.


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  • 12-LED Gooseneck USB Light
  • **Please note: Adaptor not included.



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