AOR Nox Boost 60 lozenges


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AOR, NOX Boost

  • Increased exercise endurance
  • Improve recovery times
  • Increase blood flow to muscle tissue

Nitric oxide (NO) is small molecule with big effects; it is hard at work in your body to keep your cells and organs functioning properly. Until recently, the only known method of increasing NO levels was to take supplemental L-Arginine. However, this route is not ideal. Not only does it require very high doses of L-arginine, it is also inefficient, especially when oxygen levels are low, like during exercise or when the heart is overly stressed in both healthy and diseased conditions.


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Vitamin C … 50 mg. / Non- Medicinal Ingredients: Fruit and vegetable juice powders (red beetroot, red raspberry, blueberry, bilberry), potassium nitrate, mannose, xanthan gum, sodium carboxmethylcellulose, maltodextrin, thaumatin, sodium stearyl fumarate.
Suggested Usage: Dissolve two lozenges in the mouth daily, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.
Warnings: Do not use if pregnant or nursing or with erectile dysfunction-type products.


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