Celt Immuno-Care 30 Capsules


Celt Immuno-Care® is a blend of plant sterols with a unique broad spectrum antioxidant in the form of pine bark and an essential fatty acid complex (Cellasate™). Plant sterols, also known as phytosterols, are present in small amounts in all plants, including fruits and vegetables, seeds and legumes. It is difficult to get a sufficient amount in today’s diet, so supplementation is required.

They have unique biomedical effects on animals and humans. Celt Immuno-Care contains 300mg of plant sterols, the amount shown in research to be an optimum daily dose, and an essential part of the human diet. (1)Rich in potent anti-oxidants, organic compounds and 100% natural, the proanthocyanidins and flavonoids, extracted from the bark of Radiata Pine trees, have been researched to help with heart health, allergies and many other health concerns. The powerful anti-oxidants may also help with anti- aging and DNA damage caused by free radicals.

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Free Plant Sterols (90% Phytosterols)…300mg
Selenium…50 mcg
Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) (83% Proanthoxyanidins)…50 mg
Bovine Colostrum…20 mg
Flax / Lin…10 mg
Stem bromelain…10 mg
Vitamin E…5 mg AT
Zinc…10 mg
100% vegetable derived capsule


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