Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts Matcha Mind Elixir Blend 330g


Harmonic Arts, Matcha Mind, 330g

This elixir blend has five simple and powerful ingredients that can help create that “no worries” feeling in your day. Matcha, which has a rich history in Japanese culture for its ability to help us remain calm and alert, while invigorating the metabolism and immune system. Moringa known as the “Miracle Tree” in India, traditionally used for over 300 health conditions including skin, hair, digestion, liver and kidneys. Lion’s Mane mushroom historically reserved for royalty of china, this fungi has gained much fame for its ability to stimulate nerve growth and improve cognitive function. Mucuna extract, which has shown to have benefits on nervous system health. Green tea pollen, which is rich and creamy with many good oils and hormonal building block. Collectively these ingredients make a powerful team of health enhancing allies ready to help with whatever worries you may have.

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*Matcha, ^Green Tea Pollen, *Lion’s Mane dual Extract, ^Mucuna Pruriens Extract, *Moringa Powder. *Organic, ^Wild Harvested.



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