Mar 24, 2016

Health Essentials Quarterly Box

Gift Ideas

We are now offering quarterly boxes! These are boxes sent out every season filled with hand-picked items just for you.

Each box is valued at around $150 and is curated by the Health Essentials team to help cultivate your extraordinary life.

It is your choice to subscribe seasonally or annually. For those subscribing annually you will receive a special extra gift in each box!

Spring Box, sent out March 31st 2016:

The Spring box is all about cleansing, renewal, and getting your body healthy for all the Spring and Summer fun coming up.

Summer Box, sent out May 31st 2016:

The Summer box is all about energy, hydration, and items that will help support you with all your outdoor activities and fun in the sun.

Fall Box, Sent out August 31st 2016:

The Fall box will help support your immune system and body as the weather gets colder and we prepare for the winter.

Winter Box, Sent out November 30th 2016:

The Winter box will help keep you warm and nourished throughout the winter and holiday season with digestive support, warming nutrients, and major organ supports such as liver and skin.

Subscribe for the Summer box here.

Subscribe for the year here, 4 boxes.

What You’ve Missed:


This was our Spring 2016 Box. Items included:

Progressive’s VegeGreens – VegeGreens is a combination of over 60 land, sea, and cruciferous vegetables, as well as super green foods, EFAs, pre and probiotics, enzymes and herbal co-factors. New coconut pineapple flavour!!

Party Smart – This handy capsule supports your liver for a “better morning”.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics – The world’s most popular premium probiotic supplement. Restore that healthy gut bacteria and improve digestion.

Honey Candles 100% Beeswax Candle – Who doesn’t love candlelight? 100% beeswax candles don’t only give off a beautiful glow and scent, but can help clean the air too.

Renew Life First Cleanse Kit – Cleanse, renew, and detox your system with this gentle cleanse, perfect for first-timers!

Relaxus Spa Bath Brush – Body brushes help to remove dead skin cells and toxins and promote the growth of new skin cells!

Island Bison Tallow Soap – This rich silky soap is made on Vancouver Island from ethically raised grass-fed bison.

Willow Springs Emu Oil Lip Balm – Emu oil has amazing moisturizing abilities.. especially in a lip balm!

Samples – Routine natural deodorant + Veeva scent wand