Apr 14, 2015

New Icecream! – Screamin Brothers

New Products

Have you seen our new icecream yet?! You might have seen this awesome product on Dragon’s Den.. introducing Screamin Brothers Icecream! This delicious icecream is dairy-free and made with coconut milk. It is also sweetened with raw honey! It is 100% Canadian and made in our neighbouring province of Alberta, and when possible, they source from local products!

This icecream is so smooth and silky, it is our favourite dairy free icecream yet! It is also gluten free and free of the 10 most common allergens: Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, Sulphites, Sesame Seeds, Seafood, Mustard.

5% of net profits are also donated to support children locally and internationally.