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Quality Local & Naturally Raised Meat

We are very passionate about the quality and variety of our meat products at Health Essentials. We offer a wide selection of organic, wild and 100% grass-fed & finished meats. We also believe that eating nose to tail is essential to health, and we carry a large variety of offal (organ) meats and soup bones. We source our meat from outstanding farms that raise their animals in the best conditions with the environment in mind! We carry meat thats is antibiotic and hormone free coming from happy animals living in low stress environments or living naturally out in the wild. 🙂

Want to try something unique? Pick up some wild kangaroo or wild camel from Australia – a customer favourite! Our large choice of delicious sausages make quick, easy & nutritious meals, and the wild boar bacon will instantly become the best bacon you’ve ever tasted. If you need something quick for when you’re on the go, we can also help you out with our pre-packaged pepperoni and shelf stable meat sticks! Take advantage of “nature’s multivitamin” with our variety of highly nutritious organ meats, and get your slow cooker ready to make amazing healing bone broth with our extensive selection of soup bones!

Why Pasture Raised Meat?

Because it’s great for the animals, it’s better for the environment and it’s fantastic for you!


Check out this article (pg. 36) in Capital Magazine to learn more about our meat selection! 🙂