Oct 15, 2016

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics



Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

If you’ve wandered into Health Essentials, browsed our webpage, or spoken to any of our teammates regarding a probiotic supplement, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. These unique probiotics were created by a Doctor named Iichiroh Ohhira in Okayama, Japan who put careful thought into the entire process of creating them.  It is clear that Dr. Ohhira’s is one of our top options for probiotics, but maybe you’d like to learn a little more about why.


Let’s start with a few definitions:



  • Probiotics are important for the health of our gut, which is in turn important for the health of our ENTIRE being. The microflora in our gut are largely responsible for our immune responses, the production of B Vitamins, the formation of serotonin (our happy hormone), and of course digesting & absorbing our food… and that is just the tip of the iceberg! Having a healthy gut contributes to so much of our overall wellbeing, and probiotics play a crucial role in keeping our intestinal bacteria happy, balanced & healthy!



  • Often referred to as the food for our intestinal flora, prebiotics help to maintain homeostasis in our gut by promoting the growth & health of the good bacteria.



  • Fermentation is a natural process by which micro-organisms assist in the breakdown of a substance.  It is a slow process, but is highly beneficial in terms of increasing nutrient bioavailability & digestibility of foods!


How these apply to Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Formula:

Now that we understand what probiotics, prebiotics & fermentation all mean, we can dive into the reasons why Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic Formula is so effective.   Here is what the formula looks like:

  • PROBIOTICS: 12 Strains of LIVE Lactic Acid Bacteria.
  • PREBIOTICS: A proprietary blend of 92 wild and organic fruits, herbs, seaweeds, & vegetable crops.
  • FERMENTATION: All ingredients are fermented in a natural temperature environment for 3-5 years.

The reason that Dr. Ohhira’s stands apart from a lot of other supplements on the market is the fermentation of all of the probiotic and prebiotic ingredients together, creating a synergistic blend that is ALREADY alive and thriving before it even colonizes the gut!  The probiotics promote the growth of healthy micro-flora in the intestines, the prebiotics keep these healthy bacteria alive, and the fermentation process makes the nutrients in the prebiotics more bioavailable to increase the strength of the probiotic supplement.  They are also shelf stable due to the unique processing that allows them to be live inside the capsule!


The Dr. Ohhira Process:


  1. In order to make this awesome formula, Dr. Ohhira started with the basic most pure element –  pure Spring water from Shio Yama spring in Japan.
  2. He then formulated an extremely unique blend of 12 different lactic acid bacteria strains, which all have beneficial & supportive properties for the health of the intestinal microflora!
  3. In order to keep the probiotic bacteria thriving and alive, they needed food! A proprietary blend of over 92 organic and wild fruit, vegetable, herb, seaweed & mushroom crops are used to feed the live bacteria cultures.
  4. The whole works is fermented together for a lengthy 3 to 5 year period to produce a bio-genetically active & thriving ecosystem within the mixture! During the fermentation process, Dr. Ohhira plays classical music in the room, as he believes it enhances the vitality of the bacteria! Which actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it! Music is so important for all living beings, and has such a positive effect on mental wellness, which is something that a healthy micro-flora helps promote!
  5. After the fermentation process is complete, the ENTIRE mixture is encapsulated.  This ensures that the bacteria are still live and viable at the time of ingestion! The encapsulation of Dr. Ohhiras probiotics takes place in a high-tech facility in Japan.  The blend is encapsulated in a special coating that can pass through the stomach virtually unscathed! This means that the bacteria actually get where they need to be to colonize the intestines.


The Supplements:


  • Dr. Ohhira’s formula comes in an Original strength, and a Professional strength that are both made using the probiotic & prebiotic synergistic blend.  The Original Strength is fermented for 3 years, and the Professional Strength is fermented for 5 years.
  • The Professional formula is fantastic for those suffering from a chronic intestinal dysbiosis, or in conjunction with antibiotics use.
  • Dr. Ohhira’s is safe for children, infants, and pregnant or nursing mothers! The capsules can be opened and paste inside can be ingested if swallowing capsules is a problem.
  • 100% shelf stable – no refrigeration required… awesome for travelling!


We hope that this was helpful information for you when choosing a probiotic supplement that works for you, or to better understand why we love this option so much! Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions you may have regarding Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.  🙂 Have you tried it? What do you think? We’d love to hear from you!