2019 Holiday Gift Guides

2019 Holiday Gift Guides

We want to help you get your Holiday Shopping done seamlessly this year… So we have put together a few 2019 Holiday Gift Guides to help you decide on the perfect gifts for the perfect price!

2019 Holiday Gift Guides for Health Lovers

Healthy Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Natural Guide to Gifts Under $20

Natural Gifts Under $20

More Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Vintage Traditions

Unveiled: The Secret of Tallow Balm for Skin Care and Its Benefits

Until recently, the modern world was oblivious to what our ancestors knew to be the absolute best substance for skin care. But, in 2009, Andrew Gardner, founder and owner of Vintage Tradition, made the astounding discovery himself during a tour of a farm in Tequila, Mexico. Tequila is, of course, where the famous liquor is produced from the blue agave plant. Even though the workers in this desert where the plants are cultivated did not use gloves, their hands were soft and not dry or calloused. He was informed that they had always used a balm which was a mixture of beef tallow and gel from the blue agave plant.

Armed with this information, Andrew created a formula that he could use and share with others. Made from a simple recipe for traditional nourishing and healing skin care, he made his Tallow Balm. This is available for others on his Vintage Tradition website. Before that time, there were virtually no skin care products available that were made with animal fats. Andrew also wrote a definitive research article on skin care. This appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Wise Traditions, the journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Now the cat was out of the bag. The taboo on the use of animal products in skin care began to be lifted. And now tallow for skin care has become accepted due to his work.

Tallow Balm is the ONLY THING you need for your skin.

Did that sound like an exaggeration? It’s not! Without getting into all the science covered in Andrew’s article, let’s just say that tallow is extremely similar to our own natural skin oil or “sebum” which lubricates and waterproofs our skin. In fact, “sebum”, a term coined around 1700, means “tallow” in Latin! Sounds like our ancestors knew more we thought!

Traditional wisdom held that this whole-food substance was supremely nourishing to the skin. We who believe in natural health know that we must give the body what it needs to maintain and heal itself, since only the body itself can do that job. Tallow is that perfect food and nourishment for the skin. It can be applied directly to the skin to give amazing results of skin health and healing. This explains why Andrew branded his Tallow Balm as “The Whole Food of Skin Care”.

Let the results speak for themselves!

The proof of the skin care is in the applying, and the testimonials from Tallow Balm users are simply amazing. Let’s look at just a few of them from people who used it for their faces.


“I love this cream! My 60+ sensitive skin has been through a lot but it is now well nourished, leaving me amazed and happy that it is never too late for one’s face to respond to what is really good and pure. NEVER BEFORE in my life did I EVER receive compliments about my complexion but I do now!

IMAGINE, AT MY AGE! I am so thrilled I discovered it! It is perfect for my skin. I apply it once a day in the morning. I could not believe the compliments I began getting when I started using it — praising my complexion even as I wore no make-up and USING NOTHING ELSE DAILY BUT THIS — praise from strangers and other women. What freedom and joy to use this INSTEAD of make-up. I go out with confidence knowing this balm is all I need to put my best face forward and age gracefully. I turned to it because I have always had very sensitive skin that reacted to anything.

FINALLY I found the simple wholesome product I have always wanted — with no suspicious and strange-sounding ingredients that have a string of chemicals on the label you can’t even pronounce or have allergens like soy.”

See more face testimonials.


“I’d had a split lip for about a year and a half. I tried everything to heal it—from regular old chapstick to natural oils and shea butter—but nothing worked. I used Tallow Balm for two weeks, my lip healed, and it’s been healed ever since.”

See more lips testimonials.


“It exceeded my expectations! It is wonderful and soothing, absorbs quickly so you aren’t left feeling greasy, and my skin loves it. I never knew my skin could feel this soft and hydrated. It’s even making my breakouts vanish, and I was afraid they would look worse or even multiply from using the balm, but they do not. I am even using the balm all over my two-year-old, and she loves it too!”

See more moisturizer testimonials.


“A few years ago I developed eczema on most of my body so severe I had to go on oral and topical steroids for six months. Desperate to get off those dangerous drugs I tried aloe, coconut oil, olive oil, manuka honey, raw honey, magnesium oil and the list goes on but nothing worked. Within a few hours of applying this tallow balm the itching and pain began to subside. Within a week or two I had weaned myself completely off the steroids and the eczema cleared in a couple of months.”

“To say I am stunned is an understatement. My family has tried everything you can possibly think of to help my two and a half year old daughter’s eczema. If it is out there, we have tried it. The recovery of her skin in less than two days is nothing short of a miracle! If only I had taken pictures of it two days ago, everyone would be shocked! At that time, it looked horrible. She had scratched her spots throughout her sleep, so much so that it was too sensitive for clothes to lay against her skin. Words can’t describe how you feel as a parent when your child is in pain and nothing you do seems to help. Our sweet girl would cry because she was in so much pain. It was heart-breaking.

But with just a few random applications of your balm over a couple days, our daughter’s skin is so much better! Not one spot is bleeding! My whole family is shocked!”

See more eczema testimonials.


“Due to an undiagnosed skin issue, my face will often break out in boils, then a severe rash that dries to the point of cracking and bleeding. It is horrible! Dermatologists and doctors have given me steroid creams and lotions to no avail. I’ve tried applying coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, raw cow’s milk—every idea I could find on the internet to relieve the burning and heal the dryness and cracking that results. Even water would cause my face to yield these burning red patches. My sister found Vintage Tradition and I immediately ordered Pretty Girly Tallow Balm based on the reviews. I just ordered my second jar as it is the ONLY thing that has ever helped and is continuing to heal my condition. It is wonderful and immediately gives me relief and calms the inflammation. I am so thankful to have found this product!”

“My natural conditioner recently changed its formula without notice, and I developed a massive allergic reaction with a rash and itching all over my face and neck. The only thing that stopped the itching and soothed the inflammation was the Tallow Balm I had on hand.”

See more rash testimonials.

Dry Skin

“I don’t use the term ‘life-changing’ loosely, but I’d like to pull out the trump card here and say that Tallow Balm literally changed my life (or at least my skin). Last winter, I had a terrible case of dry, chapped skin. Thanks to the dry, cold weather, it started getting so bad that my shoulders and upper arms were completely covered in patches of dry skin. No matter what form of over-the-counter lotion I bought, it just would not disappear. But then I found Tallow Balm. Within 5 days of applying it, the patches of dry skin were gone. GONE. Not reduced, not better. Gone.”

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas List

We want to help you get your Holiday Shopping done with EASE this year.
Check out our Holiday Gift Ideas List for inspiration.

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Vitamix 101 – What’s all the Hype about?



Have you heard people rave about their Vitamix Blender?
Are you yet to be convinced? Well, allow us to enlighten you a bit.

Whether you’re a smoothie-lover, a soup-lover, a Bulletproof Coffee lover, a chef extraordinaire or even a mega kitchen-hater… A Vitamix Blender could be a real game changer for you!

What makes them so amazing?

Simplicity is key.


  • No extra containers, attachments, or blades to worry about.  Just one awesome, versatile package.

Easy to adjust dial and controls.


  • The controls on Vitamix blenders are so straight forward and easy to follow – with speed options on one side, and preset smoothie, dessert, soup, puree & self-cleaning settings on the other!

Controlled power.


  • These amazing blenders have the capacity to mix just about anything, not because they have the highest possible horsepower (although they do pack a punch – up to 2hp!), but because their components work together effortlessly to blend whatever you desire, smoothly.

Handles heat – Can actually heat soup!!


  • Vitamix Blenders are perfect for blending up already warm ingredients – such as a Bulletproof Coffee – and they can actually heat up soup ingredients from cold using heat created by speed and friction.

Full Warranty Guarantee!


  • In addition to the the fact that Vitamix Blenders are highly durable, this amazing company offers a fantastic warranty guarantee for up to 7 years after initial purchase! Understanding that this machine is quite an investment, the lengthy warranty that Vitamix guarantees can help put a wary purchaser’s mind at ease!

Self Cleaning in just 60 seconds!


Starting tomorrow, August 26th we are having a huge sale on Vitamix Blenders!

Save $25 off of our already low price on the Vitamix models that we carry! That’s $125.00 total savings!!

 If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us at the store at 250-590-5524 or send us an email at hello@myhealthessentials.ca.


vitamix promo save 125


Luna Sandals – THE Ultimate Adventure Shoe

Luna Sandals

At Health Essentials, we’re crazy about the outdoors. Whether it’s super sunny outside like it has been this August, or it’s crazy rainy like it tends to be from time to time on the Wet West Coast 😉 … We just can’t get enough fresh air!  Perhaps as much as we love being outside, we love spending time barefoot, which is why Luna Sandals are one of our year round footwear essentials.

It can be hard to navigate on some outdoor terrains without a little protection for our soles, especially since most of us are so used to having worn shoes our whole lives.  Luna Sandals are the perfect medium between protection and freedom.  

What are Luna Sandals?

manuel Luna

Luna Sandals were created by a man named Ted MacDonald – aka: “Barefoot Ted” – whose journey of learning how to run pain-free led him to the concept of barefoot running. Running and moving without the impeding modern day “technology” of conventional shoes can have amazing benefits for our body, and actually reduce risk of pain and injury. Our bodies were meant to move – just not the way most modern day footwear forces them to.

Luna Sandals were inspired by traditional cultural styles of sandals, much like those in the Tarahumara natives of Mexico. On a trip to run a 50-mile Ultra Marathon in the Copper Canyons, Barefoot Ted became friends with a man named Manuel Luna, who made him his first pair of “huarache” sandals out of tire rubber and rope (see above). And thus, the name Luna Sandals came to be – inspired by and named after a true Tarahumara native.

Why we LOVE them.

We find ourselves regressing back to what our ancestors did and how traditional cultures lived again, and again when it comes to virtually all aspects of natural health and wellness. Allowing our bodies to express their natural biology seems to be the key to human vitality. Humans were created to move like humans, and Luna sandals allow our natural movement to be expressed to the fullest, while still providing protection.

Luna Sandals are a line of highly durable, adventure sandals that allow your ENTIRE foot to feel like it’s free!

This sandal is amazing for the heat – letting your feet fully breathe.
They are also fantastic for rainy weather – allowing water to wick away from the foot and rubber sole of the shoe.. puddle free!

There are different styles available for all types of weather conditions, terrain and preference, but they all keep the same simple concept in mind: Allowing your feet to act like the strong foundational bases that they are, allows your body to be aligned and supported properly.


One of our very favourite, and perhaps one of the most versatile Luna Sandal styles that we carry is The Leadville PacerEquipped with a 9mm Vibram rubber sole, and aggressive tread that is designed to help you navigate any terrain, this sandal is perfect for even the most adventurous types.





Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Need a gift to thank your dad with?

Here are some great ideas!


Our Chemex handblown glass mugs would make a great gift!

What’s special about these mugs is that they are made from non-porous borosilicate glass. This special scientifically designed glass ensures only the natural flavour of your hot beverage is enjoyed. These mugs would make a beautiful and unique addition to any coffee/tea lover’s collection!


Our bison tallow soap is the manliest of all soaps, made from grass-fed bison tallow from upisland in Black Creek! This soap is super moisturizing, silky, and lasts forever.
It comes in some great scents (+ “masculine”) too!


Any dad would appreciate a Squatty Potty!
Did you know that sitting on the toilet actually makes a kink in your colon, blocking the flow of waste? The Squatty Potty fixes that, it helps you poop like a pro! It elevates your feet to help you get in the optimal position to completely eliminate. Humans are designed to squat, our ancestors didn’t have the modern invention of the toilet! It also conveniently and neatly stores under your toilet when not in use.
It is made from 100% natural renewable bamboo and has an adjustable height!



Does your dad’s beard or moustache need some attention? Get him some beard oil or moustache wax for Father’s Day!!
These products are made locally by Sunstone Aromatherapy and Massage Studio and contain only the best natural and high quality ingredients.



Last but not least, spoil your dad with merino!! Icebreaker merino wool is probably the best clothing ever created.. 100% merino wool, sustainable, thermoregulating, no itch, anti-odor.. can’t go wrong!


Can’t make it into the store? Order these online

Health Essentials Quarterly Box

We are now offering quarterly boxes! These are boxes sent out every season filled with hand-picked items just for you.

Each box is valued at around $150 and is curated by the Health Essentials team to help cultivate your extraordinary life.

It is your choice to subscribe seasonally or annually. For those subscribing annually you will receive a special extra gift in each box!

Spring Box, sent out March 31st 2016:

The Spring box is all about cleansing, renewal, and getting your body healthy for all the Spring and Summer fun coming up.

Summer Box, sent out May 31st 2016:

The Summer box is all about energy, hydration, and items that will help support you with all your outdoor activities and fun in the sun.

Fall Box, Sent out August 31st 2016:

The Fall box will help support your immune system and body as the weather gets colder and we prepare for the winter.

Winter Box, Sent out November 30th 2016:

The Winter box will help keep you warm and nourished throughout the winter and holiday season with digestive support, warming nutrients, and major organ supports such as liver and skin.

Subscribe for the Summer box here.

Subscribe for the year here, 4 boxes.

What You’ve Missed:


This was our Spring 2016 Box. Items included:

Progressive’s VegeGreens – VegeGreens is a combination of over 60 land, sea, and cruciferous vegetables, as well as super green foods, EFAs, pre and probiotics, enzymes and herbal co-factors. New coconut pineapple flavour!!

Party Smart – This handy capsule supports your liver for a “better morning”.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics – The world’s most popular premium probiotic supplement. Restore that healthy gut bacteria and improve digestion.

Honey Candles 100% Beeswax Candle – Who doesn’t love candlelight? 100% beeswax candles don’t only give off a beautiful glow and scent, but can help clean the air too.

Renew Life First Cleanse Kit – Cleanse, renew, and detox your system with this gentle cleanse, perfect for first-timers!

Relaxus Spa Bath Brush – Body brushes help to remove dead skin cells and toxins and promote the growth of new skin cells!

Island Bison Tallow Soap – This rich silky soap is made on Vancouver Island from ethically raised grass-fed bison.

Willow Springs Emu Oil Lip Balm – Emu oil has amazing moisturizing abilities.. especially in a lip balm!

Samples – Routine natural deodorant + Veeva scent wand

Easter Goodies!

Easter isn’t just for kids! Adult scavenger hunts are so much fun too. We have lots of little goodies that are perfect for hiding!

100% beeswax candles, lip chap, organic fair-trade dark chocolate, gemstone bracelets, lotions, balms, natural roll-on perfumes, and more!