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Have you ever tried Genuine Health’s Greens+ Extra Energy? Well we did, and WE LOVED IT!


Greens+ Original formula and History:

Greens+ is a nutrient-rich greens formula that was created by Psychologist, Sam Graci in 1989 to help treat behavioural problems in adolescents.  Sam worked closely with problematic teens and noticed that a profound difference in behaviour occurred upon dietary adjustments.  The original formula was made to be a dietary supplement that would help cover a lot of the bases that are missing in the majority of people’s diets.  It is an amazing source of over 23 phytonutrients sourced from many nutritious vegetables and fruits.  Greens+ has proven again, and again to be a fantastic nourishing super food blend that is alkaline-enhancing, & digestion-improving.


Greens+ Extra Energy:

The same amazing Greens+ Formula, but with an added natural caffeine kick to help boost your energy and increase your mood throughout the day.  Greens+ has been Canada’s favourite green food supplement for over 20 years, bringing improved health, energy, and vitality into our lives. The extra energy version gives a boost of balanced and sustained energy! It contains energizing natural ingredients including taurine and naturally-occurring caffeine from the kola nut.

One serving daily provides:

  • Nutrient-rich Greens+ including an entire range of powerful nutrients from fruits, veggies, superfoods, sea vegetables, and standardized herbs, delivering all of the nutritional goodness these potent foods offer.
  • Long-lasting natural energy with no over-stimulation or energy “crash” side effects.
  • Increased mental clarity and vitality.
  • Sugar-free alternative to energy drinks and coffee.


Kola Nut:
The Kola Nut is what the original “Cola” was made with as it has amazing energy increasing qualities, and it tastes great! Traditionally the kola nut was not consumed in sugar-filled, synthetic sodas that are void of any beneficial properties… but rather it was eaten for its “mind-clearing” benefits.  The kola nut has some amazing focus & energy increasing qualities.  Not only is it a natural stimulant, but it also has been known to increase cerebral blood flow, improving cognition! The kola nut can increase oxygen levels in the blood, further increasing energy throughout your mind & body!

Greens+ Extra Energy comes in two delicious flavours, to suit your preference. One is a delicious, tangy, and very popular Orange flavour.  The other is a fantastic, creamy, & energizing Cappuccino flavour.  They’re both really great, and are sweetened with stevia so they can be enjoyed guilt-free any time of day with no energy crashes! 🙂


We tried this amazing formula for a month and this is what we thought:



“I absolutely LOVE Greens+ Extra Energy! I drink it everyday at work in the afternoon for a refreshing energy boost. It tastes the best out of any greens I’ve had and mixes super smoothly. I love the way it makes me feel!”
– Catherine






“Greens+ Extra Energy (particularly the Cappuccino flavour… YUM) is literally the only reason I can wake up in the morning. I roll out of bed, sleepy-eyed, before saying good morning to anybody, mix up my Extra Energy shake, thoroughly enjoy it…. and then I’m ready to take on the day. I love how happy and energized Extra Energy makes me feel.  It is a must have each morning, and I even sometimes will have a second midday for a pick-me-up. 🙂  I tested my alkalinity after using Greens+ Extra Energy for a month and it truly does help keep my pH slightly alkaline!”
– Kelly



“Greens extra energy is my absolute favourite way to get a burst of energy without a crash.  Essential for keeping up with a two year old 😜! I love a green drink in the afternoon especially if I haven’t eaten enough veggies that day. ”
– Tiffany



“Greens+ Extra Energy is great! I usually drink it as a mid afternoon pick-me-up during the work day. I feel so good when I drink it :)!”
– John

img_9590“I LOVE Greens+ Extra Energy. I tried the cappuccino flavour, I wouldn’t say it’s a true cappuccino flavour but more a cocoa coffee flavour profile (it was delicious!).  It’s the perfect thing to start my day with and was nice to have something that wasn’t fruity in the morning. It was delicious blended in with chocolate protein and almond butter, but I mostly had it solo with water and maca powder.  The thing I enjoyed most about it was the mental alertness it gave me and the extra boost of greens, cause who doesn’t want more greens right 🙂 ! #obsessed ”
– Lynn

Ty's Morning Ritual-
“Greens+ Extra Energy Cappuccino is my favourite thing to drink in the mornings during my sauna session.  It is a quick, easy, and delicious way to get an extra dose of greens in.  Greens+ Extra Energy makes me feel great, and helps me with multitasking during the day.  The natural caffeine, bee pollen, and taurine also provide a long-lasting energy supply with no crash!”


“I have a  Greens+ Extra Energy Orange shake every morning!  The orange flavour is my favourite. It’s definitely the best tasting greens I have ever tried. I love taking it with me on camping and hiking trips because it’s light and easy to pack and I’ll occasionally have it mid-afternoon for some extra energy (no pun intended 😉 ).  I’ve never had anything that wakes my brain up like extra energy does anytime I have it!”
– Brady


Have you tried Greens+ Extra Energy before?  Do you love it as much as we do? What time of day do you find it works best for you 🙂 ?  Let us know! We love receiving feedback on our products!

Workout Essentials – Tips to Make Getting into Shape Quick & Painless


After watching the amazing (second best ever) Summer Olympics medal haul by Canada, and being wowed again and again by human talent for an entire 2 weeks, you may be inspired to start getting back into shape after summer 😉 .  What better time than now to get into a more regular routine and feel awesome?!

Here are some fitness nutrition tips and essentials that can help you get into a regular fitness routine, whatever that looks like for you!

Give your body some clean, pre-workout energy!

In order to maximize energy during a workout, a great option is to have a “pre-workout” shake. There are a lot of these on the market… The problem is, that most of them are FULL of chemicals, fillers and sugar. Sure, they’ll give you a crazy surge of energy, but they’ll also send your internal body organs into overdrive, potentially damaging them with long term use!

Good news is that there are cleaner options! 


One of our favourite pre-workout powders is Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer. This blend tastes great, is sweetened with stevia, and has some amazingly nutritious and beneficial ingredients added to help you get the most out of your workout.  Vega adds rhodiola and ginseng to this blend to enhance focused energy throughout your workout.  They add coconut and turmeric to increase endurance and support your body in combatting inflammation throughout exercise. This pre-workout powder comes in a delicious Lemon-Lime flavour as well as a fruity Acai Berry flavour for whatever your taste preference is.


Stay hydrated!

Staying hydrated is extremely important for our bodies, especially during physical activity.  When we sweat we excrete water as well as electrolytes, and it is crucial that we replenish these stores.  Drinking lots of water and taking in electrolytes throughout the day to help keep your body’s stores topped up will help you perform well during a workout, improve endurance, and support recovery.  Something as simple as adding a dash of mineral rich Pink Salt, or an electrolyte tablet to your water can be extremely beneficial for ensuring optimal hydration when increasing the physical demands on your body.




One of our favourite electrolyte supplements are Nuun Electrolyte Tabs. These tabs are full of essentials vitamins and minerals. They are quick, easy, portable and taste amazing. Each tablet can be dissolved in your water bottle for a boost of electrolytes throughout the day, or during a workout!




Help speed recovery after workouts.

Post workout nutrition is extremely important both to help you make progress in your physical endeavours, and also to help boost the speed of recovery between training sessions! When we work out, we break down muscle tissue that needs to be rebuilt and repaired.  Taking in a source of protein can be extremely helpful for your body as it works to make our muscles strong! Like pre-workouts, there are SO MANY post workout protein powders available that are jam packed with fillers and chemicals that must be processed by internal organs and can do more harm than good. The sourcing of protein directly correlates to the quality of the protein and how well our bodies will absorb it.

Whey protein:
Whey protein is a quickly absorbed, highly bioavailable protein that is a great post-workout nutrition option! So long as you tolerate dairy well, this type of protein is our go-to post workout option.  It is extremely important that the whey you use comes from a good source, however, otherwise you’d be robbing your body of many of the benefits of this superfood. What the animals consume, is essentially what we’re consuming so looking for a grass-fed source is best!

goat protein



One of our favourite whey proteins is St. Francis GoPro Matrix. This amazing protein comes from goat milk, that closely resembles the properties of human milk and can generally be tolerated by most anyone, and is absorbed very quickly.  This particular goat whey powder comes from grass-fed goats.  The whey is processed so that all of the amazing immune boosting properties and benefits of raw milk are in-tact, which can be beneficial for anyone, especially those who are training intensely!


Plant Based Options:

If you’re someone who either doesn’t tolerate dairy well, or prefers plant-based protein sources, there are plenty of plant-sourced protein powders available. It is important to look for the sprouted and fermented varieties as we don’t tend to be able to digest the proteins in plants very easily.  Fermenting and/or sprouting grains and seeds can make the nutrients inside of them far more bioavailable!



Iron Vegan Sprouted Athletes Blend is a fantastic plant based protein powder. This amazing blend is full of fantastic nutrients that will help speed recovery.  The protein in this blend is sourced from fermented peas and sprouted brown rice for increased bioavailability. It also contains fermented BCAA’s, which are quickly absorbed amino acids (protein building blocks).  Along with the great protein sources, the Iron Vegan Athlete’s Blend has other ingredients added to help speed recovery such as quercetin to help with inflammation, and beet root to increase blood flow.  Available in a Natural Vanilla & a Rich Chocolate flavour!


Do you use any of these products? What are your favourite workout essentials or tips that keep you healthy and motivated? We love hearing from you!

Stay healthy this September!

immune prevent blog title (1)

With August coming to a close, and back to school only a few weeks away, it may be time to start considering some cold & flu preventative action!! We all know how quickly germs go around as soon as school starts up but, there are some things you can do now to help make sure that your household stays flu-free this year!

Start taking action before school begins!

A house full of strong immune systems will help keep everyone free of those back to school sicknesses that seem to spread like wild-fires through schools and homes.



Getting our immune systems strong often means ensuring that we have lots of healthy bacteria in our gut to help us fend off the bad germs we come in contact with.  Taking a probiotic supplement can help ensure that the main line of defence in our bodies is ready to protect us.

Our favourite probiotic is Dr. Ohhira’s because they are a whole food, live probiotic made with 12 different bacteria strains, and contain over 82 fermented whole food ingredients that act as pre-biotics to keep the probiotics alive! They’re shelf stable and safe for all ages!

A daily dose of Vitamin D.


Making sure to get enough vitamin D this summer can ensure that your body will be ready for the fall. Getting outside to enjoy some sunshine as much as possible is a great way to soak in Vitamin D. There are also Vitamin D supplements available to help you make sure that you’re getting enough of this important vitamin, even if you can’t get in the sunshine as much as you’d like to!

Our favourite source of vitamin D is the sunshine, but if you can’t seem to get enough of it this summer a really great supplement to consider is Nutristart Quick D Drops! These drops are taken sublingually and are very quickly absorbed into the system! They are quick and easy to take and dose and they’re safe for kids.

Some extra Vitamin C.


Making sure to take a little extra vitamin C to keep the immune system working well is a good idea this time of year! Vitamin C can be obtained through many foods such as citrus fruits, berries, & green leafy vegetables or can be taken as a supplement.

Our favourite for all ages is Mega Foods C Complex. This amazing whole food supplement is sourced from organic oranges! Our bodies recognize and absorb whole food vitamins very easily so this one is very bioavailable. The tablets are a bit on the larger side, but can be crushed up and dissolved into something for kids to take!

Immune boosters.

Alternative medicine

Plant medicine has been used for centuries to help keep our bodies thriving. There are many different herbs and medicinal mushrooms that can strengthen our immune system to keep us safe from whatever is going around.

We have many favourite immune boosters at Health Essentials, but our go-to is generally the Host Defence My Community Extract. Host Defence ingredients are of the highest quality, formulated and grown by Mycologist, Paul Stamets in the U.S. This particular blend is made from 17 different mushrooms, all with unique properties, that help to keep our immune systems healthy.

For the little ones, we love the Suro Kids Organic Elderberry Syrup.  It’s made in Canada with extremely clean ingredients, and is incredibly versatile! With added honey for sweetness, it’s easy to take this amazing superfood syrup… you can steep it as a hot or cold tea, or simply take a teaspoon of it like cough syrup! 

A Healthy Diet.


Although the summer lifestyle can pose many diet challenges… eating a nutritious diet can do wonders for keeping our bodies strong for September. We are what we eat, and the health of our bodies is often determined by the quality of our diet. Nourishing foods like grass-fed meats & dairy, fermented foods and lots veggies are great to add into the diet at all times of the year. Healthy foods are especially important when supporting healthy immune function!

We realize you may still be in summer mode (as you should be – it’s not over yet!!). One of our favourite on-the-go, additions you can include in your diet for some added nutrition are our grassfed meat sticks. Our favourite is the Caveman Stick, which has added 25% organ meats for extra nutrient density!

Improve the Air Quality in your Home.


A great way to ensure that any airborne viral & infection causing germs (which tend to be the most prevalent this time of year) are not floating around your immediate air space is to purify the air! Air purification can be done in a few different ways.

The old school method of boiling water with some vinegar or essential oils in it can be great for disinfecting the air.  This method is fantastic if you’re home and aware of the water level in the pot, lol. This method may not be entirely convenient for the majority of people who aren’t lucky enough to just be relaxing this time of year!

Good news is that there are now many diffusers available, which as their name suggests, diffuse water and essential oils throughout your home. Our favourite diffuser is the Eco Spa Deluxe Diffuser and Ionizer as it has a super classy design, it covers a large space, and it has an auto-shut off so it’s safe to leave on, even while you’re gone! Our favourite essential oil blend to get rid of those nasty germs is Thieves Oil, which is a blend of many different essential oil scents that has been used for centuries to fend off harmful bacteria and viruses in the air.

Back to school season can be stressful enough, with everyone exiting vacation mode and getting back into the swing of things. We hope the above tools helped you get an idea of ways you can keep fighting a cold or flu off the list of things you need to do this September!

NEW – Upgraded DARK ROAST Coffees

BULLETPROOF blog heading

Come and try our newest additions to the Bulletproof Coffee Line up
Wednesday, August 10th from 11am-1:30pm

Wes from the Bulletproof team will be demoing the Original Bulletproof Coffee, blended “Bulletproof”-style, with Grassfed butter & Bulletproof Upgraded Oils. We will also have samples of the two *NEW* dark roasts – “French Kick” & “The Mentalist” to try!

If you’ve ever been into Health Essentials, visited our website, or spoken to any of our staff…

you’ll know that we LOVE new things, we LOVE coffee, and most importantly we LOVE Bulletproof.

The excitement is real when it comes to our coffee consumption, especially when it’s new upgraded,
low micro-toxin coffee. Oh, how we have awaited this… it’s finally here!

We are ecstatic to now be carrying the newest additions to the Bulletproof coffee selection at Health Essentials.

A medium-dark – “The Mentalist” & a full-dark – “French Kick” Bulletproof Coffee option! YUM!

Just like the Original Bulletproof Coffee, these upgraded beans are of the highest quality,
sourced from beans that are grown in a high elevation climate, hand picked at the perfect ripeness,
& tested for the lowest level of micro-toxins!

As far as benefits goes, dark roast beans actually tend to be naturally lower in micro toxins than medium roasts,
as well as lower in acidity levels…So, like your taste-buds, your mind & body can feel GREAT about these choices.

– Medium-Dark
– Dark cocoa and vanilla top notes
open to a full-bodied coffee with
cherry sweetness and finishing
notes of almond and caramel.

– Full-Dark

– Smooth and sweet dark roast with
smoky baking chocolate notes,
medium body, and a clean finish.

We hope that this was useful for helping you decide which coffee is best for you… decisions are hard! Rest assured though, whichever option – new or old, medium or dark – that you choose you’ll be upgrading your mental and physical performance effectively, and without risk of harmful toxins!

dark roast bulletproof - wes demo


How to make Electrolyte Hydrator Gummies!

Electrolyte Hydrator Gummies Recipe


Electrolyte Hydrator gel-o gummies are a PERFECT treat for anyone, anytime of day.

… even kids LOVE them. They are an easy way to add collagen into your own diet, or the diet of your potentially picky young ones!  Rich in collagen, these treats are great for your hair, skin, joints & nails. They’re an ideal snack and a great alternative to sugary filled candy or jel-o.

Not only do these snacks taste AMAZING, but they’re also made from extremely nutritious ingredients that will leave you feeling energized & satiated, while helping to silence your inner sweet tooth – guilt free!


Step One: Choosing your ingredients.
This recipe doesn’t require many ingredients, but it is important to choose each of them wisely!

Here is our list of recommended brands & sources:

The gelatin that gives these gummies their firm, gel-like texture is made up of collagen protein… it’s the same protein that “glues” and makes up our joints, skin, hair, nails and gut lining! The animal from which the gelatin comes from determines the quality of the gelatin itself!
We chose Bulletproof Upgraded Collagelatin, because it is sourced from grass-fed cows who lead happy & healthy lives, so you can feel better consuming it – emotionally, and physically!

Electrolytes are vital for proper hydration & are important for many functions in the body.
We chose Vega’s Sport Electrolyte Hydrator because it contains clean ingredients, and is packed full of other refuelling aids that are important for athletic recovery & also make you feel amazing. This powder also tastes delicious, and is sweetened naturally with stevia.

Lemon is amazing for keeping our digestive systems healthy, helping cleanse our filtering organs & keeping our bodies alkaline!
For this recipe, we used Lakewood’s Organic Lemon Juice because it is cold pressed – so important vital nutrients are still intact, it’s organically sourced & it is unsweetened. Note: You could also squeeze your own organic lemon juice for this recipe if you have lemons available!

Raw, organic & unpasteurized honey is full of live enzymes & nutrients. It is naturally sweet and has antimicrobial properties.
We chose Harmonic Arts Raw Honey, because not only does it meet all of those requirements, it’s also local to us & sourced from wild bees that live a regular, unaltered happy, bee-life!

Step Two: Make sure everything is ready to go & measured.
Since this recipe requires a rapid pace to get all the ingredients mixed in,
it’s helpful to have all of your ingredients measured out before beginning the process!

Step Three: Mix the electrolyte powder with water.
In a container, or a shaker cup, mix the electrolyte powder into 2 cups of water.

Step Four: Add the lemon juice & honey.
Add the lemon juice first, mix it until fully incorporated, and then add in honey if desired.
Some people prefer it to be less sweet, and contain no sugar whatsoever. The Hydrator powder
adds a little bit of sweetness, so if you’d prefer a sugar free version, you can skip the honey!

Step Five: Make a gelatin puck.
In a small cup or container, mix 1/4 cup of water with the gelatin powder and stir quickly until it becomes firm.

Step Six: Add gelatin to mixture.
You can spoon out the puck (should come out all together) and add it into the saucepan.
Stir until it is completely dissolved – there should be no sign of the gelatin anymore!

Step Seven: Pour into molds or tray.
While still hot, pour your mixture into whatever container or tray you’d like. Gummy molds are
fun for kids (of all ages) & make these treats easy to eat, but if you don’t have them, not to worry!
You can pour this mixture into muffin tins or a cake pan.

Step Eight: Leave to set.
Once the mixture has been poured into its container, cover it and stick it into the fridge to set.

Step Nine: Remove & enjoy!
You’ll know that your gummies are ready when they’re firm and no longer a liquid.
You can now remove them from their molds, or cut them into squares or shapes in their pan!

Enjoy :)!


Gel Electrolyte Recipe card

If you have any questions at all about this recipe or
if you have any requests for recipes you can call us (250-590-5524)
email us (, or come by the store
(101-300 Gorge Rd. W, Victoria, B.C.) at any time & we’d be happy to help! 🙂