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A Healthier Alternative to Modern Footwear – Join the Barefoot Footwear Revolution in Victoria!


At Health Essentials, we don’t just sell barefoot footwear – we wear and love them.

We believe that the human body is intelligent, capable, and designed perfectly. Why would we want to mess with that?
We were meant to be connected and in close contact with nature. A part of nature.
Modern fashion and technology has separated us from our natural biological state, and we are suffering the consequences.

Ask us about fit and comfort, and how changing our footwear made such a huge impact on our health. Can you play the piano with your toes? Okay, we can’t either but you should definitely be able to separate your toes and move them independently. It’s amazing how a simple change of footwear can have such a huge impact on overall energy and how we feel throughout the day.  You will be amazed at the difference your footwear can make on how your day goes and how you will feel after you experience going barefoot. It may just be the best health decision you make this year! Join us in the barefoot movement experience.  Free your feet.

Health is All About Connection to Your Body and Your Environmentpowerofsmallslider

Why Barefoot? How can I connect to my body through my feet?

  • Did you know that your feet contain 52 bones, 66 joints and 40 muscles? One of the biggest benefits of going barefoot is re-establishing the connectivity between you and your feet. To sum up, a more technical term for this is proprioception, awareness of the position of one’s body.
  • Did you know that approximately 70% of your brain’s information for movement comes from the nerves on the soles of your feet? When you go barefoot, you will re-learn how to move naturally. As a result, you will feel healthier, happier and more connected to your feet. The stronger your proprioception the better your body will know its surrounding.
  • Getting out of modern, built up shoes and going barefoot helps to improve the dexterity and strength in the muscle in your feet and lower legs.
  • Along with the strengthening of your feet, you will also experience the bliss of connecting to the environment.
  • Making the switch to barefoot shoes is an exciting process because you are going back to basics. By striping away the supports of modern shoes, your body will do what it does best – move as nature intended.
  • Just like a smart nutrition plan, switching to a healthier footwear choice is very rewarding.

At Health Essentials, we ‘re here to help you find the right option, the right shoe for you. Get started the right way!

Let us help you get connected to your feet today.

Let your Fivefingers be freed!


You’ve seen them on TV, online, and on your friends – is it time to experience them for yourself?  Vibram Fivefinger barefoot footwear are tried and true, an excellent barefoot option. Their light-weight and zero heel drop design that truly let your feet do their thing, make them perfect for most any activity.  Perhaps the most comfortable shoe you’ll ever wear, these “toe shoes” allow your feet to truly act like feet. For example, imagine wearing a mitten your entire life, and trying on a glove… Ahhh, FREEDOM.   We see this everyday.  We love watching out customers feel liberated and able to move like a child again!

Adventure. Barefoot Style.


Luna Sandals are the ultimate adventure sandals.  Luna’s are made in Seattle and were designed based on the traditional style worn by the Tarahumara natives called, the huarache sandal. Made with thin and durable Vibram rubber soles with minimal straps, these sandals allow for a barefoot experience – (nearly) fully-free feet & maximized ground feed back – while providing protection and traction!  Take these babies on any terrain, in any weather.  They truly are the ultimate adventure sandals.

Traditional Look, Barefoot Footwear Benefits!

We also have the outstanding Vivobarefoot shoes, shoes that blend ancient wisdom with modern technology. Designed in London, Vivo barefoot is known for their stylish designs that incorporate their patented ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole with a stylish upper. They are fantastic alternatives to conventional toe-squishing, heel raising formal footwear!  Show off your style while getting maximum sensory feedback and enjoy the barefoot benefits!

Stay grounded to the Earth beneath you.


The most recent addition to our barefoot shoe selection are Earth Runners.  Another “westernworld” take on the huarache sandal, these amazing sandals allow for conduction of grounding energy throughout the shoe, maximum articulation of the foot, and authentic connection to the Earth.  Whether you’re into “earthing” or not, these sandals provide a max-feel experience, while fitting into your style preference and adhering comfortably to any foot shape!

Barefoot Footwear in Victoria

We are thrilled to offer an extensive selection of Barefoot Essentials to our customers in Victoria, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about the barefoot lifestyle. Whether you’re a minimalist runner, gym-goer, golfer, hiker, crossfit enthusiast or looking for a casual solution to connect you to the earth, we have your Barefoot Essentials here in our store. Try them on and experience Barefoot, naturally.

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