Island bison

Caveman Berry Water Buffalo Sticks


Caveman berry sticks are 100% grass-fed water buffalo with 25% heart and liver and a touch of cranberry (they’re delicious!) Great for lunches, hiking, cycling, kayaking or quick easy snack. The perfect on the go protein that doesn’t require refridgeration!

Island Bison is committed to providing our customers with the best quality buffalo meat products. They believe that raising their bison as 100% grass fed, without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones is not only what is ethical for the animals, but also what is best for all of us as a community.

The bison enjoy free ranging on our pastures which include numerous natural spring water sources, stands of forest and brush, as well as mud wallows and dust pits that are enjoyed throughout the summer months. They focus on maintaining a low stress environment and believe that raising happy bison equals healthy, high quality meat.

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100% Grass-fed waterbuffalo, celery based cure, cranberries. Gluten-free 25% organ meats (heart and liver)


Island bison

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