The Pure Wraps

Curry Coconut Wraps 56g (4 wraps)


Convenient tortilla alternative for work, school, and travel since it lasts many months without freezing or refrigeration while being portable and strong.
Nourishing since it is made from highly beneficial coconuts and Himalayan salt while being dehydrated to keep it alkaline and raw with enzymes.
Safe since it is packaged in earth-friendly non-GMO cellulose instead of plastic which is better for you and the environment.
Versatile as you can make anything from burritos to sandwiches to sushi to make a meal or snack that travels well.
Pure given it is made from hand-harvested, un-adulterated coconuts, Himalayan salt and curry powder -nothing else.

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Coconut, Himalayan Salt and Certified Organic Curry Powder (Fenugreek*, Coriander*, Turmeric*, Allspice*, Cardamom*, Black Pepper* and Red Pepper*)

* Denotes certified organic ingredients. We promise no other ingredients are added.


The Pure Wraps


4 wraps, 56g

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